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23rd February, 2016 at 8.00 PM EST
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8.00 PM EST

23rd February, 2016



Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson
Re-Invention and Transformation Coach

Ms. Catherine Storing
Confidence Style Coach

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch
Professor and Life Coach

Daphne is a Transformational Coach. Working with individuals who are struggling with adversities from their past to help them resolve the past overcome and heal pain. Show them how to use their pain as a resource for development. Help them to craft their unique story and tell it with passion. Help my client find and accept their truth.

I specialize in helping YOU connect to YOUR authenticity. Realize your uniqueness. I can heal all your pain, rise above all your struggles. Help you live a happy, fulfilled life, you will not be able to keep the money away from you — you will attract the money.
Catherine was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, land of beautiful beaches, friendly people and gorgeous women with dangerous curves. However, she did not fit it, her hair was too curly, her legs too lanky and her mouth too big and opinionated. Every day she wished to be accepted as she was despite of not looking like a typical Dominican woman.

Catherine is The confidence Building Coach), and effortless capacity to teach them how to dress in ways that highlight their true essence.

Catherine is very passionate about strengthening, heightening and amplifying people’s confidence, because she knows firsthand that confidence is a game changer; the driving force of every driven and successful person.
Dr. Aikyna D. Finch, Educator and Certified Coach, is a lover of Education, Motivation and Social Media. She holds a Doctorate in Management and 2 M.B.A.s from Colorado Technical University, a MSM in Marketing from Strayer University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Engineering of Tennessee State University. Dr. Finch has published several articles and books in the areas of Business, Technology, Empowerment and Education. She is currently is the Co-Host of The Changing Minds Online Show which includes The Empowering Women Series.